Quality Assurance in Healthcare

Quality Assurance in Healthcare

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Quality Assurance in Healthcare  – all aspects relating to quality assurance issues within the context of patient experience, patient safety and patient outcomes/clinical effectiveness. It will include key aspects relating to quality impact assessments at governance, strategic, operational, frontline, clinical and patient/service user level to ensure that the organisation has the systems and processes in place to meet its statutory requirements as outlined in best practice guidance. 

If you require consultancy services for more than 1 day, please contact PMH Consultancy and Education Ltd directly for further details to discuss our more advance packages.

The consultancy service will be undertaken as follows:

 Quality Assurance in Healthcare Initial 1 hour Consultancy

This will involve a general discussion of the organisation's requirements and the area/s of concern that need/s to be addressed and the best way forward.

 Quality Assurance in Healthcare 3 Hour Consultancy

As above, and will include an outline of the initial review of any specific area/s of concern and what will be required to achieve this with regards to the best way forward. 

  Quality Assurance in Healthcare 1 day Consultancy

As above, and will include details of more specific area/s of concern and a review of any statutory reviews such as CQC reports or similar, and will provide initial findings/recommendations and the best way forward in addressing the main issues identified.