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PMH Consultancy and Education Ltd has a team of specialist health and social care workers. They have a wealth of experience in education, dementia care, older people, mental health, learning disabilities, nursing, health and social work. The team is passionate about making a difference to the lives of patients/service users and enable participants to achieve this through their specialist consultancy and educational services and resources. PMH Consultancy and Education Ltd works in partnership with  NHS Trusts, CCGs, Local Authorities, private care organisations and care homes to support people who use services and their staff. We can support organisations by providing the consultancy, identifying systems and processes, resources and implementing strategies to promote joint working which will maximise the person’s journey, and therefore, lead to better health and social care outcomes.

The Team

Pat Hobson - Director and Independent Nurse Consultant, Lecturer in Nursing, Safeguarding Adults and Dementia Specialist



Pat Hobson has over 20 years experience in healthcare and nursing. Pat is the founder of ‘The Modern Registered Manager journal,’ which has now been replaced by a new title ‘The Journal of Care and Nursing Home Leadership.’

Pat’s main specialties are consultancy in any complex health related issues around systems and processes and provide advice at governance, strategic, operational and frontline level to commissioners and providers. This includes supporting procurement and the tendering processes with the safeguarding and quality aspects to ensure that potential bidders have the relevant systems and processes to be awarded contracts.  Pat also provides consultancy in relation to complex safeguarding adults cases (this includes those relating to people with no recourse to public funds, who have health needs). As a result of this, Pat has developed a framework to assist people with complex safeguarding needs. Pat also specialises in  any issues relating to clinical quality in dementia care, older people, nursing, education, workforce development and leadership and the significance of this to people's experience, safety and clinical effectiveness and outcomes.
Pat is also an author and lecturer in nursing, has worked in higher education, published articles relating to nursing and has self-published two books, one on leadership and the other on dementia care. Pat has presented workshops at International Conferences in Dementia Care.

Msc in Gerontology
Post Grad Cert in Academic Practice. This is a teaching qualification required to teach in higher education.
Post Grad Certificate in Clinical Governance, Clinical Leadership and Change Management
Bsc (Hon) in Nursing
Diploma in Higher Education – RN (Mental Health Nursing)
Diploma in Higher Education – RN (Adult Nursing)
City & Guilds 7407 Teaching in Further Education
Advance Cert in Food Safety – Registered with RSPH as a Trainer to teach accredited Level 2 Food Safety and Infection Control courses
A1 Assessor


Book Publications

Hobson P (2016) Enabling People with Dementia: Understanding and Implementing Person Centred Care: (2nd Edition).

Hobson P (2016) What Makes a Good Leader: An Overview of the Main Leadership Styles.

Hobson P (2015) Enabling People with Dementia: Understanding and Implementing Person Centred Care: (1st Edition).

Hobson P (2014) Five Main Different Styles of Leadership: A quick reference guide for nurses, registered managers, deputy managers and team leaders.

Journal Publications

Hobson, P (2007). Understanding Dementia: Neurological Impairment: British Journal of Healthcare Assistants; 1(7): 294-296.

Hobson, P (2008) Venepuncture and Cannulation: theoretical aspects: British Journal of Healthcare Assistants, Vol. 2, Iss. 2, 14 Feb 2008, pp 75 –78.

Hobson, P (2008). Understanding dementia: developing person-centred communication. British Journal of healthcare assistants. 2(4), April 2008, 162-164.

Hobson, P (2012) Communication: Making sense of what people with dementia say British Journal of Healthcare Assistants.

Mark Hobson - Director and Independent Consultant Social Worker



Mark has over 20 years experience as a social worker within Adult Mental Health, Fostering, Childcare and Older Person Services. Mark is the lead in research, undertakes independent consultancy in social care issues.   

As an independent consultant social worker, Mark offers a wide range of independent social work services relating to adults and children with social care needs, to include mental health, safeguarding, Mental Capacity and DoLS, dementia and complex needs. The consultancy aims of the work is to deliver services which are independent of any statutory, voluntary and public bodies. Marks works alongside specialists in health and education who are all highly experienced and have extensive experience in their field. He also undertakes complex Care Act reviews, systematic safeguarding reviews and research in social care issues. The services are commissioned by individuals or service users or their families, as well as statutory and public bodies who may require the services of an independent social worker. This includes the need for expert witness statements, which may be required outside of the organisation. The most recent work includes working within the field of complex case reviewing and safeguarding children/adults and families. Marks also reviews complex cases involving people with no recourse to public funds who have care and support needs within the context of safeguarding,

MA in Applied Social Studies
BA in Social Policy and Administration
Diploma in Social Work
PQ- 1-6
A1 Assessor

Associate Consultants



PMH Consultancy and Education Ltd also has support from freelance associates who provide specialist services in issues relating to learning disabilities (particularly management of complex service users), independent safeguarding chair, safeguarding children and looked after children. 


Safeguarding Adults


 We support organisations in implementing and maintaining systems and processes relating to safeguarding adults to ensure that they remain Care Act compliance. This also incorporates legislation, such as the Mental Capacity Act 2005, Human Rights Act 1998 and the Equality Act 2010. 

Quality Assurance


 We lead on all aspects of clinical quality assurance to include serious incidents, people's experience, people's safety and clinical effectiveness and outcomes. We develop quality assurance frameworks and quality indicators and KPIs for organisations. We also specialise in supporting organisations to address CQC Section 31 and Reg 17 requirements.  

Health and Social Care Consultancy


 We work with NHS Trust, CCGs and private hospitals, Local Authorities, private and voluntary organisations and care homes  in all aspects of practice, and focus on improving quality of services and provide recommendations for best evidence based practice.

Dementia Care


We support with all aspects relating to dementia care which will ensure that the organisations and its workforce have systems and processes in place that promote person centred principles and key aspects of safeguarding adults with dementia.  

Other Services

Leadership and Management


 We support and develop professionals at diploma and degree level in relation to continued professional development in leadership and management and utilise action learning in supporting teams to deal with complex problems.  

Mental Health



We undertake consultancy relating to mental health services, particularly complex cases, which require specialist assessment and support, particularly in relation to mental health. 

Learning Disabilities



We also undertake consultancy relating to learning disabilities services, particularly complex cases, which require specialist assessment and support. We also undertake Learning Disability Mortality Reviews.

Education and Workforce Development



We develop and delivers educational courses and resources in  education, health and social care courses to the private and public sector. This includes  specialist books on dementia for the care sector and other books on issues relating to education, health and social care.  We also support organisations in undertaking skills analysis of the workforce and establish the developmental needs for health and social professionals. 

Dementia Book

Enabling People with Dementia: Understanding and Implementing Person Centred Care

The main focus of this book is to explore dementia care from a person centred perspective. It will enable social care professionals to understand the key issues in relation to person centred dementia care within care settings. This book seeks to advocate that “A dementia care setting should seek to create an environment that not only provides positive interactions among people with dementia and social care professionals, but one that enables people with dementia to retain some autonomy to express and fulfil their individual needs wherever possible.” The key message here is that, despite the disability, the person with dementia remains unique, and it should be our aim to promote that uniqueness.  

Available on Springer: 




Never make the cover up worse than the crime: making a complaint is a person’s right 


When a person makes a complaint to an organisation, there are several things that the organisation needs to consider. Complaints should not be feared, or seen as something to be frowned upon. Complaints provide an opportunity to improve standards. If handled well, complaints can be used as a way to identify situations that may have been overlooked by the organisation in the past.

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